Measuring and Tracking Social Media

Organizations are increasing their investment in social media marketing (SMM). However, they usually do not employ effective social media measurement, monitoring and reporting. Many tools for measurement have been developed including Google Analytics, tools from social media platforms, and various sentiment tool providers.

Sharp Search Technologies offers a basic reporting services to perform overall assessment of a social presence and for regular usage tracking.

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Basic Measurements:

  • Web site and blog users : It is essential to track the number of users and volume of usage over time to see trends. Frequently there is an “S” quadratic curve to development of a market. If usage is flat or declining, then management needs to investigate and find out why. If there is a strong growth in usage it also important to know what caused it.
  • Content usage : Content is a primary driver of usage and it is essential to know which content is valuable. If content is not popular than either it is not valuable or it is not easily found. Management needs reports on content usage to make editorial changes or findability.
  • Recurring use :  This is a key statistic that needs to be measured and tracked. How many customers return to a web site or a social platform and are regularly engaged. This is a key indicator of how fast the market is developing and how sustainable it will be.
  • Sentiment : Customers express themselves in social media forums and many different tools exist to track their sentiment, likes, dislikes, and positive or negative comments. Tracking this enables a company to know what is developing in the marketplace and react quickly to positive or negative news.


Measuring and reporting can improve planning and operations across the organization, including:

  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Legal issues and threats
  • H/R policy
  • Recruiting
  • Sales and Pipeline Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Customer Service costs saving
  • Product Co-development


Measuring social media helps with planning and operations, and can not only improve bottom line but also gain the advantage of an early warning system for learning about market trends and customer issues.

Sharp Search Technologies has developed a simple straightforward and economic approach to measuring and tracking social media.

Examples of  the Sharp Assessment and Track Reports:

Measuring Social Media

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