The 3 Content Curation Superpowers – Heidi Cohen

The 3 Content Curation Superpowers – Heidi Cohen.

Nice article on how to curate content for maximum effect and findability … actionable steps are including …

“Accepted social media practice is to share 20% of your content and 80% of other people’s information.”
    I like 80:20 rule, 80 % of the value at 20% of the expense … this applies so much in information technologies and internet

“Content curation enables you to extend the shelf life and reach of your existing information.”
    re-use and re-purpose of content for different audiences and platforms 

“To maximize the power of this information, you must be able to retrieve it quickly and easily. “
    information findability is using highly relevant indexes, not everything 

“What matters is how you take other people’s content and make it reach a bigger audience by spotlighting other content creators and make them look their best.”
    always respect copyright and attribution 

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